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Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX

Bounty Hunter
Pioneer EX

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Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX Metal Detector is an automated easy to use detector. This metal detector has four digital segments to identify the target. Ground balance is completely automatic with squelch-technology. Push button discrimination helps to ignore unwanted targets. One touch depth control enables easy usage. The Treasure Hunting Metal Detector is useful for the teenage boys in adventure spirit.

5 Year Warranty Features:

The Pioneer Metal Detector has three types of tone and depending on the type of target it emits audio tone. Also there is the provision of LCD display to view the identification.

The search coil provided is 7" and it is interchangeable and water proof.

The Waterproof Metal Detector has touch pad control panel.

The Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX Metal Detector has comfortable hand grip and an extended arm rest.

Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX Metal Detector:o4-segment digital target identification

Fully-automatic ground balance with squelch-tech

Push-button discrimination

One touch depth control 3-tone audio target identification

Easy view LCD display

7" interchangeable, waterproof search coil Touch pad control panel

Comfort hand-grip Extended arm-rest
Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX Metal Detector
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