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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

Bounty Hunter
Discovery 1100

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Three Tone Audio Target Identification System:

Liquid Crystal Display is very accurate in identifying buried objects however, users does not always maintain the display screen in his field of vision. Therefore, the Discovery 1100 has incorporated an audio feedback mechanism to alert the user to the nature of buried objects. This audio feedback system first alerts users to the presence and classification of objects, whose nature and location can be confirmed by using an LCD display. Your 1100 will sound three different tones. These three tones correspond to three target categories depicted on the LCD display.

5 Year WarrantyDisplays Target Identification & Depth! Discovery 1100 is light weight, well-constructed and deep seeking. This model is easy to use and features intuitive controls. There are no complex adjustments or settings to worry about. Just turn it on and go!

Made in USA, this model features digital target identification and depth reading found on much higher priced models. Discovery 1100 offers the quality, price and features. Additionally, this Bounty Hunter 1100 model is backed by a full 5 year warranty.

Discovery 1100 Features:

Motion Discrimination 3-tone target identification
3-segment digital target identification
Coin depth sensitivity indicator
Large digital LCD display
Squelch-tech noise reduction circuitry
Touch pad all digital controls
Automatic ground balance
Headphone Jack (headphone not included)
Interchangeable coil system (4" and 10" Coil Options)
Adjustable, padded arm rest (adjusts for kids or adults)
Adjustable aluminum stem
Comfort hand grip Specifications: Requires Two 9 Volt Batteries (not included)
7-inch open face waterproof search coil
Operating Frequency 6.7 Khz
Ultra-lightweight - 2.5 lbs
5 Year Warranty Made In The USA
Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector
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